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Driving license: theoretical test

This is for the theoretical driving test…

How to study:
To be prepared for the theoretical exam and pass from the first time you need to do the following:
Step 1: Do the knowledge test on the SAAQ website on
This test is good because it give you idea about how the exam questions look like, the correct answer is coming with explanation so you start understanding the rules, it increase your english driving vocabulary. I highly recommend you to do small cards with the questions that you answered wrong and translation of the terms that you don’t know. This will keep to review things easier the night before the exam.

Step 2: Read the 2 books Driver’s Handbook & Driving a Passenger Vehicle
You can borrow the books from the library instead of buying them.
It is very important to read them, not only to pass the theoretical exam but to understand really the driving rules and the techniques to follow to be safe in Quebec especially that the weather condition here is much difficult than other places and driving require lots of attention.

Step 3: practice on the driving CD “Auto-Réussite”
Do the exercises and the test. Make sure that the version you get is not old to be able to work on your computer system. I got Auto-Réussite Version2.0, it works good on vista.
You can get the CD from these links

When to take an appointment?
Don’t wait till you are prepared. It is better that you take an appointment the day you decided to study because it is not easy to find a near date right away. I got my appointment date after one month!

How long does it take me to be ready for the theoretical exam?
It depends. If you live in slow motion like me.. then a month :) If you study everyday 4 hours or something then I assume that after 2 weeks you will be fine.

How to take an appointment
It is your first exam and you are permanent resident right? Be careful because the  tool of taking appointment online is not for you. So you need to call them.
This is the contact info.:

The papers you need to bring with you:
1-The permanent resident card
2-The confirmation of permanent residence paper. Take care this is not the certificate of selection.
If you lost this paper or can’t find it so try to take with you the certificate of selection, the passport, the medical insurance card, the permanent resident card and check the officer. Sometimes they are understandable.

The theoretical exam:
It contains 3 parts:
-The 1st part is 16 questions and you need to answer 12 correctly
-The 2nd part is 16 questions too and you need 12 correctly
-The 3rd part is 32 questions and you need to answer 28 correctly
If you fail in one part you can redo it after 7 days

When to do the practical test?
If you had a driving license in your country you can take an appointment directly after passing the theoretical test.
If you didn’t have a driving license but you wet to a school of driving after the theoretical test then you can go after 8 month for the practical test.
If you don’t plan to go for any school, then after 1 year you go for the practical test.

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