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Halal cheese and yogurt

Not all brands of cheese are Halal for Muslim to eat.

Check details on

Therefor, It is wise to check the ingredients of the cheese.

For cheese: It may contains “rennet” component which could be coming from Porc or cows. Sometimes they do not mention “Rennet” but they mention “Modified milk ingredients” in general which can also contain “rennet”.

For Yogurt: It may contain “gelatin” in the yogurt with fruits and gelatin comes from porc.

Make sure to read the ingredients before buying because companies change the components from time to time like Kraft cheese before they had the kosher symbol and now I do not notice it on their products.
And in case you have a brand that available in your area, try calling the company or email them. They usually respond  very fast.

The list of Halal Cheese are:

Special thanks to Melanie, she is the one who made this search of this list and not me :-) .

St-Albert Cheddar Cheese & St-Albert Cheese Curds. [check website]

Trappe a Fromage – chedder cheese only
- check label incase though….they may change ther ingedients one day, who knows!

Smart Growth

And these cheese strings….great for kids lunches…I emailed them and asked….they do not contain meat substances or whatever.

List of halal Yogurt

Liberty yogurt – BIO kind – [Check website]
all are halal if I am not mistaken.

Liberty-kids and babies [Check website]
….but the taste is bland…..all are halal but check in case I am wrong.

Liberty-Mediterranée [check website]
is very thick and rich….check for the ones with the MK symbol (kosher dairy) or for the ones with only skim milk…. I always get this kind – the lemon one is sooooooo good.

14 comments to Halal cheese and yogurt

  • assalam.
    i was wondering if other yogarts are halal and wot actually makes them not halal ie is it whey powder or di and mono glycerides of fatty acids…please if u can specify this answer for me.
    and also wer else or wot website can i find this info
    i think vitagen yogart is halal but do u know if yakult yogart is halal .thankx 4 yor help and effort.may u b rewarded min

  • Alaykom Alsalam,

    What makes Yogurt not halal to eat is the Gelatin mainly, what other ingredients other than the gelatin I don’t know.

    I don’t know also about the other ingredients you mentioned.

    What I found safer is to buy biological Yogurts (Bio).
    This website has good information about Gelatin, other products and have answers for lots of Muslim questions.

    I hope this helps…

  • Try Astro Original its Kosher and contains Natural ingredients

  • Thanks Kamal for the info.

  • Hi Ruby,

    I’ve just seen a new yoghourt in shops, NAMED “HALAL” – though how could that ever be a trademark? Made by Parmalat (in small script). No other indication except a Halal certification symbol.

    It is very good – tart like Turkish yoghurt.

    Kosher dairy products including cheeses should be halal except in the rare case of a fancy cheese cured with wine, and that would be clearly indicated. They cannot include ANY rennet, even kosher, as Jewish law forbids mixing flesh and milk.

    I’m not Muslim nor Jewish, but Halal and Kosher products usuallly contain a lot less @#$%&() than product without approval by a “higher authority”. Very important for people like me with food allergies, or who simply dont want to eat rubbish.

  • Hello Lagatta,
    Thanks for the info.
    Can you please clarify this “contain a lot less @#$%&() than product without approval by a “higher authority””?

  • ashvagan

    @#$%&() means ingredients that are controversial but have been approved by the “higher authorities” (read Agencies like CFIA)

  • ashvagan

    Dear All,

    Apparently, some Silani cheese products are also halal. I have attached their email below for reference.

    Qasim Saeed

    Greetings Mr. Saeed,

    Thank you for contacting Silani Sweet Cheese. The cheddar and mozzarella both contain microbial enzymes (including rennet) derived strictly from vegetarian sources. The only enzyme in any of our cheeses derived from animal is lipase, and it is found in these three cheeses: feta, provolone, and parmesan. All other cheeses contain enzymes derived only from non-animal sources, and the rennet in all of our cheeses is vegetarian based. There is no alcohol in any of our cheeses. f you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

    Matt Talarico
    Customer Service Representative
    Silani Sweet Cheese
    905-939-2561 ext 231

  • Ahmed

    Hi everyone, i got a question for you; why don’t people with special diet ( muslims, vegan…etc) campagne for legislation so manufacturers are obliged to indicate V when a product is suitable for vegetarians and don’t contain any sort of animal ingredians, that’s what they do in Uk and its easy for shopers…

  • Anonymous

    I noticed some of Astro Original yogourt are not halal because they contains Whey protein in it.

  • Anonymous

    linessa yogourt is halal or not plzzzzzzzzzz tell me?????????????????

  • yasmeen

    Assalamu alaikum…i live in montreal and love to cook. I wud like to know if there is a brand of parmesan cheese and ricotta cheese I can use. Insha’Allah. Also what about vanilla essence? Thanks

  • a

    This website is great 540025e0f8d867d40a2f7575aba34b76

  • francoise

    Astro makes a Hala yogurt. Very good

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